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Cleansing Stream ~ (New Song #12)

Oh Cleansing Stream how fresh and free,

That flows and flows from Calvary’s tree.

My Savior then! My Shepherd now!

Come rescue me—oh Purity’s Stream.

Unto Yourself, oh take me… hide,

Forever ‘neath Your crystal tide.

Wash my heart from lies and pain,

Refresh… revive my soul again!


Oh Cleansing Stream…

Come flow through me,

Make me pure — alive and free!

I fall in YOU as one who dreams—

Swallow me in Your Crimson Stream.


Unto my Self I now have died,

Never more to leave Your side.

Oh Cleansing stream, My Life! My All!

Envelope me—remove the gall,

That poisons mind and heart alike.

I come! I run! Into Your flow,

Wash me pure as whitest snow!


Your Cleansing Stream…

Now flow through me,

Forever Thine! Forever free!

My victory won! My sweetest dream!

Your Gushing Life! My Living Stream!

I spread out my hands to you; my soul thirsts for you like a parched land. Psalm 143:6Psalm 143:6
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6 I spread forth my hands to you. My soul thirsts for you, like a parched land. Selah.

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Cleansing Stream

He that believeth on me… out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.  John 7:38John 7:38
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38 He who believes in me, as the Scripture has said, from within him will flow rivers of living water.”

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