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Never Losing the Light: Hope To Heal

You cannot hope to heal what you cannot understand.

I am sick and weary with saintly-sympathy!

Pity mixed with disdain never healed anyone.

(Child, listen…)

A cross! A cross healed the sickness of sin! A cross, not a sympathetic smile, and a pat on the shoulder.

Look at your planet!

Look… what do you see?

People are suffering everywhere you look!

(Let Me put this in terms you can understand…)

Hope To HealYour planet does not have a bad cold—it has terminal cancer! It is dying an agonizing, slow death.

You cannot address it’s desperate need with teaspoons of sympathy!

It’s NOT working, and I fear most who call themselves My Church, will never wake up to this crisis.

But you are different.

You have been made to suffer as an-outcast-with-purpose.

Do you see it?

People are dying Sweet Heart—dying of hopelessness and the cancer of rampant, unchecked, sin.

I want you to FEEL their pain not sympathize with it.

You have the antidote—the cure!

You have hope!

You have Me… Christ! Only My blood can cure their disease.

Now do you understand why I made you an outcast?

God dances with the outcast.


“…Now you are called The Outcast and Jerusalem, the place nobody wants.” Jeremiah 30:17Jeremiah 30:17
English: World English Bible - WEB

17 For I will restore health to you, and I will heal you of your wounds, says Yahweh; because they have called you an outcast, saying, It is Zion, whom no man seeks after.

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Women Who Move Mountains: Not The Status Quo!

Women Who Move Mountains kind of blew my doors off. I mean, if you’re looking for the status quo in books on prayer, this is NOT it.

Women Who Move Mountains

Sue Detweiler has written a book with a fresh new approach to an old problem in the church—namely our prayerlessness!

When I read a book on prayer, frankly I am expecting a whole wheelbarrow of “should” and “ought” with a healthy sprinkling of “guilt” thrown in for good measure.

Instead, Women Who Move Mountains takes us on a journey to inner healing and wholeness that comes out into “a wide and spacious place” of new and fresh intimacy with God.

Wow! This is definitely not where I thought this book would lead me. Yet, Mrs. Detweiler seems to believe that it is our unhealed insecurities, wounds, and life-baggage that keep us following God at a distance—and thereby increases our reluctance to pray.

When you think about it this makes total sense to me.

I especially appreciated this book’s down-to-earth, heart-to-heart, “let’s ALL get REAL” approach. She uses simple and honest stories to illustrate clearly why she believes most of us avoid prayer. There are three bonus sections in the back of the book: 21 Days To Spiritual Breakthrough, Guidelines For Taking A Spiritual Retreat, and Guidelines For Fasting.

I think that this is possibly the most “common sense” book on prayer, and learning to pray with power, that I have ever read.

I also liked the fact that Women Who Move Mountains is tailored for group study, but the author’s website also offers a free downloadable journal so the reader can do this book solo if they desire.


You may get your copy of the book from Amazon or at any other fine book retailer.

I want to thank Bethany House Publishers for sending me this complimentary copy of the book in exchange for my review.