The Parable: A Commission


Before you go…

I want you to listen to Me…

Are you listening?SuperBanner_Creation_2016-08-10_082843




(…grumble… grumble… grumble.)



I want you to remember Who you work for.


Work for?


Yes. You work for Me. Your life is in My hands. You are kept by My love.









Caterpillar you do not work for fame or applause.

You have your commission.

It is almost time. Things will happen  rapidly now.






Yes little one.







Destiny And The Dream-Maker’s Gift


Here she comes, once again—from the corner of my mind.

Soooo many years ago… yet, I close these eyes and find;

See her? Offering herself? From a day—now long gone by;

Twirling, leaping, spinning, dancing… spreading wings as if to fly!


The music now has captured her—she feels it in her feet.

She dances out its rhythms as she reaches up to meet…

The One who has created her… The One, who gave this gift,

He smiles, as He anoints, these tiny Spirit Wings she lifts.


Praise perfected! Heaven’s blessing! On the offering of—The Gift!


So much power in the song, as it’s calling her away!

Come and find me!

Come and find me…

Bring your heart… come out and play!

So she follows her Creator—feet are full of joy and bliss,

From her toes, she now knows, she was born—just for this!


In tiny heart a place created—only she and God may go;

To this temple, consecrated, joyous rivers now will flow,

Angel choirs up in Heaven, celebrate her, and her gift;

Heaven’s citizens join the chorus, praise-on-praise, to Him now lift,


Adding blessing, on this wee one, and the offering of—her Gift!


The Parable: A Calm Caterpillar




Soon? What does that mean? Soon? When is, soon?

Aviary Photo_131150547272699720

I’ve been waiting a long time—I mean,

I’ve been in here

a long,


long time.





k5961793Okay… (sigh)

I’ll calm down.

I’ll be patient, but I’m just saying,

it’s been a long time. In a very tight space.

I can’t move it’s so tight!



Sing Me your song.




You know the one.


Ummmm, okay. Let’s see…

Dear God above, the source of Love, please here me when I call

With colors gay, begin today, to make me something new.

swirlnotes1redLet me sing, on gossamer wings, to dreamers—not a few;

A song to show, that all things low, can miracles believe,

If they will shed, all fear and dread, and new dreams now receive!



Out On A Limb


I know You are the Tree of Life

That, I can clearly see

And out there on that frightful limb

Is where You’ve beckoned me


You’re calling me to come again

To that old place where I have been

How can you ask me Lord to go?

Back to prison-place, I  hated so



You’re asking me to trust You;

Didn’t I do that once before?

I asked You for a miracle

Instead You closed all doors


Yet something deep within me knows

No safer place can be

Than out there on that dreaded branch

To cling, and wait for Thee


So here I am—please take my fears

 Give new heart  brave and bold;

Away old doubts—bring me out!

So I can soar, when wings unfold…


I’ll pay the price so I can fly

Up to that moon of gold

With love from You—and dreams anew

Bringing hope to young and old!



The Parable: A Dark Constriction



All this way! All this effort! To end up here…

in this miserable,

dark place.


(I don’t like this place…)




Dream-Maker? Do You hear me? I hate this place!

Oh-why-oh-why, did I ever pray those prayers!

Dream-Maker how much longer? Haven’t I waited long enough? Dream-Maker?

I did everything You told me to do—I followed. I obeyed chrysalis-clipart-butterfly-pupaYour instructions. Is this all there is? Is this what obeying gets you?

A tight dark cell—alone? Dream-Maker, why don’t You answer me?

I call and call…  are You there?



I’m here.

CATERPILLAR:Aviary Photo_131150547272699720

Oh…  (whew!) Dream-Maker, it’s You!

I called and called…

Can we go now?

Is it time?

Dream-Maker? (sniff-sniff)

Pleeeeeeeez… let me out!


(Isaiah 50:10Isaiah 50:10
English: World English Bible - WEB

10 Who is among you who fears Yahweh, who obeys the voice of his servant? He who walks in darkness, and has no light, let him trust in the name of Yahweh, and rely on his God.

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Delays Are Not Denials


Like withering grass, days slowly pass;

I wonder why You haven’t come.

My dreams still wait—the hour is late;

When will my great deliverance be?


And bending low, You whisper, “So…

You think this dream you’re longing for,

Is way behind, and you can’t find,

The pathway out of great dilemma?”


Ah, child of Mine, for gold refined…

Is it not true Refiner waits…

To see in gold—His image bold,

One of His Son—Sweet Lamb of God?


These long delays, met with dismay,

Will yield a treasure—more shining glory;

And when you tell, (you know it well)

Of desert days? What awesome story!


Then waiting days, with irksome delays,

Will sing of praise and greater glory;

And many shall see, your trusting in Me,

As Golden Light shines from your life!

And you shall know, from days you sowed,

This Harvest Dream—come true, “At last!”



The Parable: The Confused Caterpillar


Time to wait.




How long? Dream-Maker! Are You listening? How long must I wait?

What am I waiting for? Who? Will I know? When the time comes—will I know? I’m confused.

Dream-Maker? Dreeeam-Maaaaker… SuperBanner_Creation_2016-08-10_083302


CATERPILLAR:  huge-eyes-clipart-huge-eyes-clipart-halloween-eyeball-clipart-clipart-panda-free-clipart-images-900-x-427-mud4ly2oy6ixbz0jkhnlf3pul4hb1rvgset7uv4kng

It’s so dark in here… so dark.

This place is too tight!

Dream-Maker? Dream-Maker?

Are You still there?

I’ve been here sooooo long. Too long. Wings! Wings? What was I thinking? A worm with wings? Dream-Maker? Dream-Maker… I call and call… why don’t You come?

This cell’s so dark…

And way too tight!

There is no space!

There is no light!


… these things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be fulfilled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! They will not be overdue a single day!

 Habakkuk 2: 2-3Habakkuk 2: 2-3
English: World English Bible - WEB

2 Yahweh answered me, “Write the vision, and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it. 3 For the vision is yet for the appointed time, and it hurries toward the end, and won’t prove false. Though it takes time, wait for it; because it will surely come. It won’t delay.

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Hab 3 17


Changed In The Dark


I’ve had you in the dark – it’s true!

How could you understand?

That all from the beginning

Is exactly as I’ve planned.


Could I choose, dear one, to smash your heart?

No, it would be cruelest wrong

Instead my plan, to change your heart,

And give it bright new song


I know the dark times frightened you

And filled your heart with dread…

But could I have surprised you

If you’d glanced what was ahead?


Release the past – gone is the old;

“Away… all former things!”

Instead unfold, with heart now bold

My gift to you… these WINGS!


The Parable: A Cocoon Captive


(DREAM-MAKER:)    Far enough.

Now go to the end of that branch…

Hang from the end…

and spin!

Aviary Photo_131148396786868564




What!? What?!

That branch… way out


… there!?

Hang from the end?

Out there!?

Aviary Photo_131149849703701808(Oh-dear, oh-dear…)

I’ll fall for sure!


It is so dark… too dark to see…

It took so long to climb this tree…

It took so long to climb so high…




This thing you ask!

This crazy call…

to hang from limb in outer space???

Aviary Photo_131149796208364899

(DREAM-MAKER:)     (Silence.)


Okay… okay…  I’ll go… I’ll go!

(Though why I should I do not know!)

See? I’m spinning, spinning this cocoon.

Oooo, I’m dizzy! This is too hard.

(grumble…) You ask too much.

(DREAM-MAKER:)        Nice n’ tight…



Yes, I’m here. I’m spinning. Nice and tight.

(Ooooooooo!) It’s dark in here. I cannot move.

Why did You bring me here to this?  (Now what?)

I am squished in tight dark cell…

it is too hard… it is too much!

(DREAM-MAKER:)      (Silence.)






(DREAM-MAKER:)        (Silence.)


The Parable: A Fearful Climb

Aviary Photo_131148396181265841


Oh, dear… oh, dear…

This thing You ask…

It is too much!

Remember me? I am only a tiny worm… that is all.

Fragile, Dream-Maker… easily broken.

Have You forgotten?

tree barkOh, dear. This tree…

This bark… it is too rough!

It hurts my feet!

How can I climb a thing so BIG?


Oh, dear… what if I slip? What if I fall?

Oh-why-oh-why, did I pray for wings!?tn_img_6542

Are you listening to me Dream-Maker?

If I fall? I shall be squished!! 

What then? What then?

Oh, what shall become of squished worm with squished dreams?!

I can’t look down…

I can’t look down…



Climb or die.




Climb or die

     climb or die

          This is too hard!

You ask too—MUCH!



Aviary Photo_131149784202710042




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